Fibre Comms

Compact units housed in robust cases that can sit on stage local to the camera, head and/or column positions. The fibre comms box enables all remote control signals to be transferred via fibre over long distances to a second unit at base in the production area.


Fibre: SMPTE or 2x ST
Power: 240v ac
Connections: 3G HD SDI, sync, camera paint data, remote head data, camera and head power, ROC column control
Max distance between units: max 10 km

Case Studies

The fibre comms has provided the perfect solution in locations where space is limited. Camera operators can be positioned back stage or even in trucks exterior to the venue with a single fibre cable run from the stage. This has been done successfully in venues such as the Barbican, Royal Albert Hall and Ronnie Scott’s. The fibre comms box also reduces the amount of “cable clutter”  from each remote camera position bringing the number of cables from about 7 down to 1.