ROC remote head

Cammotion’s ROC is an elegant 2-axis remote head that delivers precision technology within an elegant lightweight form. The ROC remote head comes in 2 sizes – the original ROC and the newer ROC X that can take higher payloads. The height of both the ROC and ROC X remote heads can be adjusted using removable risers depending on the required configuration.


Payload: 10 kg (ROC), 25 kg (ROC X)
Mass: 2.5 kg (ROC), 7.5 kg (ROC X)
ROC dimensions: 240-440 x 200 x 80 mm
ROC X dimensions: 335-635 x 280 x 110 mm
Mounting options: Mitchell/Moy, Euro Boss, Quickfix, scaffold clamp
Lens control: Fujinon and Canon

Case Studies

ROC remote heads have been used on many productions across the globe including sports, events, studio shows, fashion shows, theatre and music concerts.