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Full Size Camera

Vortex aerial camera mount is the only system of its kind designed for full size broadcast and film cameras. It will lift a camera from ground level to a height of 30 metres in 15 seconds. On shot tracking speeds can be varied. A stabilising system together with carbon fibre technology achieve incredible stability in winds up to 30 knots. The camera can be overslung for 360° panning or underslung for ground level shots.

Small Foot Print

Vortex is trailer-mounted for support and portability.  The trailer is fitted with hydraulic drive for small manouevres and hydraulic outriggers for levelling.   The whole system is small and lightweight for access to any location.  Vortex can be rigged and derigged in minutes enabling it to relocate several times in one day.  Vortex is transported in the horizontal position.


  • Lens height 0-30 metres (100 ft)
  • On-shot vertical tracking speeds. Up to 2 metres/second
  • Panning options: 180° or 360°
  • Maximum wind tolerance. Force 7 (30 knots)
  • 50 kg Payload. Holds a full size camera
  • Small operational footprint
  • Trailer-mounted with hydraulic drive for manouevrability


Coldplay at Whitby Abbey for BBC Radio One Big Weekend 2021

Coldplay at Glastonbury

Vortex rocks up at Glastonbury 2021 for Coldplay

Vortex Showreel

Cammotion's Vortex has been used on many live events. The showreel demonstrates Vortex's dynamic vertical tracking shots which can be achieved at heights up to 30m. Vortex is a 2 person operation - the Camera Operator controls the remote camera head and a Cammotion Technician controls the height and speed of vertical movement.

Battle of the Somme 100th Anniversary – Vortex Showreel

Cammotion's Vortex at its finest marking the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme. On a gusty day, from a position 400 metres back from the memorial, Vortex provided stunning and subtle moving shots, adding to the poignancy of the event. In particular, on the tight end of a 42x lens, Vortex supplied 'film-like' shots during the live event where the foreground remained static whilst the background appeared to be moving. The results are spine-tingling and we are incredibly proud of what the Cammotion team achieved with Vortex on that day. It doesn't get much better than this!
@Courtesy of the BBC. The BBC retain all rights, titles, and interests in the Licence Property. Not for download or further distribution.

Vortex Animation

Cammotion's Vortex can easily be deployed on arrival at location. A hydraulic motor drive manoeuvres the system into position. Outriggers level the system on uneven or sloped ground and provide stability. The mast rotates from its horizontal stowed position and is locked into the vertical position. Once the camera is rigged at ground level, the system is ready to go. Vortex provides stunning aerial vertical tracking shots from its lowest position at ground level to 30m high. Relocation is also easy making sure that Vortex provides the best shots possible on the day.


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