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Are you looking for dynamic and reliable aerial vertical tracking shots for live events with a full-sized camera and telescopic lens? Is ground space too limited or unstable for a crane? Maybe the drone you were planning to use can’t fly due to crowds or other restrictions or is simply unable to carry the equipment loads? Cammotion’s award-winning Vortex aerial camera mount system can solve all these problems and provide the filmic-style shots you had in mind. Now in its 15th year of operation, Vortex has been used successfully and repeatedly on many high profile live events that are broadcast globally – be it special Royal occasions, live sporting events or concerts.  Vortex has also provided solutions for film, particularly where the camera and lens loads are high. Advances in stabilised head technology and the reduced size of film cameras now make Vortex an ideal piece of kit for filming on location.

I’ve used Cammotion many times, most recently filming U2 in Trafalgar Square London. We needed a WOW factor opening shot and the Vortex camera system was written into the creative of the show right from the start in order to give us that. In that environment, it was quite simply the only product that could have delivered the shot that we needed. Always brilliant.

Paul Dugdale, Director & Multiple Grammy Nominee (2018)

The Vortex camera system really brought a new dynamic to Channel 4’s Glorious Goodwood coverage. The racecourse is nestled on top of the Sussex Downs and its beauty was enhanced by the superb pictures generated from different heights – it felt as though we had a helicopter just hovering over this spectacular venue for the duration of the broadcast – it was breathtaking.

Denise Large, Programme Director at Channel 4 Racing (2008)

Are you filming in a theatre, studio or concert hall and looking for a neat and discreet remote head solution? Cammotion has designed the innovative and unique ROC remote head to be small and sleek but powerful and robust. The ROC series of equipment includes a 20m track, a height-adjustable telescopic column and a low profile 2.5m slide to give you a wider set of options for your moving shots. Cammotion’s fibre comms unit enables signals to be carried down one cable for transport over long distances.

I have had the pleasure of working with Cammotion on many shows. Their equipment is innovative, and excellent. You also have the added security of knowing that  Matt will work tirelessly in the pursuit of perfection. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Marcus Viner, MVP Films Ltd. (2018)

Do you need specialised mounts for fixed camera positions or a more bespoke tracking solution for your shoot? With our broadcast knowledge and proven experience of product innovation and design, Cammotion can also work with you to manufacture one-off, tailor-made solutions for your production.

On 1st July 2016, Cammotion’s Vortex provided stunning and subtle ‘film-like’ moving shots at the Battle of the Somme 100th Anniversary, adding to the poignancy of this live BBC event. A ROC head was placed discreetly on the memorial to film raining poppies.


Small foot print but big on height.  On-shot tracking ground to 30m in 15 seconds.

Remote Heads

remote head

ROC mini (Remote Operated Camera) is a new remote head designed for the smaller sized camera.

Matt Gladstone

Matt is the founder and director of Cammotion Ltd. His vision and creativity is the driving force behind Cammotion’s product inventions and performance. Matt originally trained in lighting and sound then moved into camera operation while working at Fountain Studios. His freelance career as a camera operator gave him a broad experience in outside broadcasts, sports, entertainment shows and drama.

Matt GladstoneFounding Director
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