ROC remote head operators control desk
Remote head and console
ROC remote head console
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ROC Remote Head and Console

Cammotion’s ROC is a new 2-axis remote control camera head which delivers precision technology within an elegant lightweight form.  ROC’s high quality components and software provide the accuracy required for UHD filming. ROC is beautifully hand-finished.  The distinct curves are shaped from CNC-machined aluminium for strength, then hard-anodised for durability.

The ROC remote head is ideal for box / POV style cameras and small digital film cameras. The ROC console is ergonomically designed for operator comfort and finger tip control. Innovative haptic feedback informs the operator of approaching zoom end stops.

ROC Remote Head

The ROC remote head includes a removable riser to change the overall height for different configurations.  Accessories include ROC mounts for fixing to Mitchell/Moy, Euro Boss, Quickfix, lighting spigot and scaffold.

ROC Remote Head Specification

  • Payload: 10 kg
  • Mass: 2.5 kg
  • Max speed: 360 degrees in 2 seconds
  • With riser: 340x200x80mm
  • Without riser: 230x200x80mm
  • Lens control: Fujinon, Angenieux and Canon
  • Rainproof
Remote head

ROC console for the ROC remote head system
Console for the ROC remote head system
Console rear panel for the ROC remote head system

ROC Console

The ROC console uses a new and innovative haptic feedback system for zoom control. Small vibrations inform the operator of approaching zoom end stops. Thus, the operator will be alerted without having to take their eyes off the shot. Haptic feedback is selected via the touch screen menu.

Shot Box

A two button programmable shot box right at your finger tips allows position recall of any combination of selected axis: pan, tilt, zoom and/or focus. When more heads are added to the network each head has its own shot box. The axes for position recall can be selected from the simple touch screen menu.


  • Power in: 12-24V
  • Linked power output for accessories
  • 3 contact closure pairs for video matrix switching
  • 3 data ports to link to ROC remote heads (data format: RS485)
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