Agito Trax
Agito Trax

Agito Trax

A new tracking system is available with multiple setups. High or low mode with or without the tower
Two remote cameras can be mounted on the dolly at the same time
Cable, fibre or RF data control
Magnetic end stops
Multiple head options, ROC remotes or Shotover G1
Can be split into cases under 32kg for transport (including the track!)

Agito Sports

A robotic dolly, available with or without a tower for free movement up to 2m in height.
Multi-terrain studio dolly or Monster wheels
3 steering modes – 2ws, 4ws, crab steer
Shotover G1 stabilised head for super smooth shots
Can be split into cases under 32kg for transport

Agito Magtrax

Magnetic strip-guided AGITO system with collision detection

AGITO MAGTRAX is a new drive-end add-on that uses magnetic strips to guide the AGITO Sports precisely along a predetermined path accurately every time.  The MAGTRAX comes with bumpers for collision detection, and floor illuminated LED strips indicating various states of the AGITO.

Magnetic strip guided system for discreet tracked applications
Low profile guided track using either laid or set-embedded magnetic strip
Same manoeuvrability as free-roaming
Bumper, collision detection and automatic e-stop.
Quick setup and modification of laid path –pickup and reset.
Best of both free-roaming and fully tracked systems.


The below video was shot on the Agito Sports.

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