ROC Track

A compact tracking system with built-in cable management. Now available with Newton stabilised head for super smooth tracking.


Track length available: 20 m
Max tracking speed: 3 m/s
Mounting options: Floor or hanging (400 mm truss)
Software end stops (auto deceleration to end stop)
Fibre kit transport system: Paint data, 3G HD SDI, Sync, ROC data and power. A second fibre can be added for 4K cameras.

Case Studies

ROC track was inverted and suspended from truss at a venue in Islington for a 360 camera shoot filming the band Royal Blood (below). A 12 metre length of track was installed. Built-in fibres carried the signals from 3x 6G SDI BlackMagic cameras. Cammotion also supplied bespoke camera mounts, fibre comms and power distribution for the cameras.