Agito Sports

The Agito Sports outstanding performance was an invaluable tool for the Alps based commercial.  The flyaway system was taken to the Alps for a day in the studio and a day on track.  Multiple angles setups was a breeze for the Agito with fast and easy repos and the ability to add and remove the Tower.  The subtle to fast-moving tracking shots combine into a stunning video.   Instagram video

Vortex Achieves Film-like Shots on a Live Broadcast

On 1st July 2016, Cammotion’s Vortex provided stunning and subtle ‘film-like’ moving shots at the Battle of the Somme 100th Anniversary, adding to the poignancy of the live memorial event.

Vortex – what is essentially a 30 metre high telescoping camera mast – was positioned 400 metres back from the memorial on what turned out to be quite a gusty day. Vortex is a two-person operation. A cameraman operates the remote head to position the lens in 3-axes and a technician controls the tracking speed and positioning of the remote head in the vertical plane between ground level and 30 meters high.

The distance from the memorial was used to provide depth of field on the tight end of a 42x lens. By working closely together, the cameraman and technician were able to keep the foreground and framing static whilst the background appeared to be moving. It would be easy to mistake the moving fields behind the performers / artists to be a screen with moving pictures.

The results are poignant and spine-tingling. Live broadcast filmography doesn’t get much better than this!

London Fashion Week

Top Fashion House uses ROC Remote Head for fashion show to kick start London’s Fashion Week.  A ROC Column was built into the stage to hide the camera.  When the camera was required the Column was extended to the desired position. Other ROC systems were used in overhead positions. A Sony F55 camera with CA4000 fibre back and Cabrio 85×300 and Canon 17×120 Cine lenses were used.

Photos show the test fit during the set build with a Sony HDC P1 and HJ13 mounted on the head.

BBC Proms 2015

Cammotion’s ROC Remote Heads and Columns were used at the BBC Proms 2015 for on-stage cameras positioned in the orchestra.  The remote systems were assembled on a ROC Floor Stand providing a free-standing, compact and height adjustable camera.

Eric Clapton Live at the RAH

Three ROC Remote Heads were provided for the exclusive filming of Eric Clapton at the Royal Albert Hall in celebration of his 50 years at the top of the music business in May 2015. All three remote heads were rigged with Red Dragon cameras and prime lenses. Two on-stage cameras were placed on ROC Columns to give an adjustable lens height range from 80cm to 150cm thereby adding dynamic interest to the shots.